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  • Hong Kong Exhibition 2018.10

    Hong Kong Exhibition 2018.10

    In October 2018, we participated in the second phase of Mega Show in Hong Kong. The main products of this exhibition are enameled toys. We have received more than 20 intended customers. We have also started substantive order transactions with Taiwan customers STRONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. In the f...
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  • 2018.2 Vietnam

    2018.2 Vietnam

    After the Spring Festival of 2018, the company traveled to Yazhuang, Vietnam collectively.
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  • 2019.2 Guilin

    2019.2 Guilin

    After the Spring Festival of 2019, the company traveled to Guilin, Guangxi collectively.
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  • Our website is online.

    Our website is online.

    office factory  and  showroom
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